1. Novel Benefits of Vitamin D – Beyond Bones

Actions of vitamin D, which will amaze you, some of which will be, never heard of, before.
A simple way of presentation, easy to comprehend by all, even non-medical person. Optimum sure-shot benefit requires large dose, tailor made life-style and patience. Regards


2. Prevention of Disabilities in Newborn

Given for public, in Hindi, to spread awareness about preventive measures to be taken before opting for marriage and pregnancy, with a vision to prevent Birth defects in newborn.


3. Leg Pains and Vitamin D

Several years of severe calf pains, which disturbed every day sleep, was radically cured by vitamin D and tailor made life style modifications.


4. Vitamin D and brain functions

Eight years child could not read write or understand what ever was taught in class. After one year of vitamin D supplementation & life style modifications, he improved in his academic performance, along with drastic decrease in frequency of infections.