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Dr Sushma Rawat

M.D. Pediatrics

Dr.Sushma Rawat Chitnis is director of Child Care Hospital and Research Centre, Indore, M.P., INDIA.After completing MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial medical college, Indore, M.P., INDIA, she did her residency in pediatrics from same college. Throughout the academic career, she was amongst the first five in merit.

Along with academics, she has keen interest in sports, music, stage performances, literature, poetry, psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Poetries-published in collection “ek nazarana tera bhi mera bhi”.

The two strong pillars of her therapy are “vitamin D and life style modifications”, through which she could give a disease and antibiotics free childhood to her young patients.

Year 2009 was the beginning for her, to witness amazing benefits of vitamin D and Sun-bath.

The main guiding force for tailor made life style modifications (LSM), came from Naturopathy, Ayurveda and ancient Indian traditions.

Major heads in LSM are:

  • 1. Complete bowel evacuation
  • 2. Diet
  • 3. Exercise
  • 4. Emotional stability

The list of benefits, as well as factors influencing complete bowel evacuation is phenomenal and ever increasing.

Diet is an utmost important factor, influencing biochemical set up of our body.

Natural exercise is gradually vanishing from modern man’s life, with ever increasing machines.

Emotions are the fastest acting factors to change the internal milieu of human body.

Her public speeches in rural as well as urban population are helping people, learn to live a disease and drug free life.

Dr. Sushma Rawat Chitnis is fellow of Indian academy of pediatrics. Her national conference oration in “PEDICON-2014” on “Vitamin D-Why,When and How”, represents her passion for the subject.

Her book “FREEDOM FROM EPILEPSY” depicts association between vitamin D and epilepsy. Adding life style modifications has helped reveal the root cause of primary ideopathic epilepsy and febrile convulsion, first time in the history of medicine.

Her Latest Book The Golden Rays: Sunbath Why & How is about amazing cure for many disease using vitamin D and life style modifications, sunbath being is one of the component. Most important thing is the diseases are getting cured by eradicating the root cause and not just symptomatic relief and most important treatment does not have side effects.

Vitamin D is extremely important for preventing many diseases, infectious as well as non-infectious. It is equally important for normal functioning of all body systems.

Load of vitamin D deficiency is enormous worldwide.
Sunbath is a major and best natural source of vitamin D.
Knowing correct method of sunbath is essential, as it is a two way sword. Author has been taking sunbath for past 12 years; the book therefore gives all practical points for the same and shares experiences of including sunbath in daily routine; at the same time, it tells contraindications for sunbath.