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Vitamin D has given me surprises almost every day since year 2009. When tailor made life style modifications are added to it, the results are mind blowing.

Hippocrates in 430 BC studied all known methods, drugs, instruments, treatments and ideas present at that time and organized them in to one system of medicine.

Alexis Carrel, Nobel Laureate of medicine, wished, if we could combine all healing powers to find simpler solutions for human ailments.

The book “Freedom from epilepsy” combines vitamin D from Allopathy with life style modifications from nature cure and Aayurveda, to get on to the root cause of primary idiopathic epilepsy and febrile convulsion. Some of the life style modifications surprisingly match with concepts of Allopathy Sid has epilepsy and is on antiepileptic drugs. His normal life is crushed because of disease and drugs. He is put on vitamin D supplementation and life style modifications.

After initiation of treatment, the patient started noticing positive changes in him, which were substantial after 15 days.

Slowly, he developed a positive attitude, an increase in confidence level, upgraded intelligence, enhanced working efficiency, stronger will power, increased stamina, happier mood, better organization power, easier adjustment to situations and a noticeable spiritual bent of mind. Six more patients opted to be on same therapy.

All patients showed admirable improvement in mental efficiency along with freedom from convulsions in five.
Relation between vitamin D and epilepsy- Review gave three groups of articles:

  1. 1. Vitamin D is low in epileptics.
  2. 2. Long-term AED use further lowers vitamin D levels.
  3. 3. Vitamin D has anticonvulsant effect.

There are valuable research papers which tell us that epileptic patients are vitamin D deficient; few tell us that they are more deficient than rest of the population.

Second group tells us that, AED intake further lowers serum vitamin D levels; which is very unfortunate part of the story!
The most important papers, are the papers, which point to the protective action of vitamin D on brain against seizures.
One example of life style modifications- Optimal oil intake, extra raw oil on vegetables and other food items :
Ayurveda advocates to increase oil consumption (not ghee), above normal. In daily food, cooking oil is increased to an acceptable level
All of the above changes, regarding oil increment in everyday life, are acceptable and easily adoptable. This version of Ayurveda resembles concept of ketogenic diet from Allopathy.
Most important, the new line of therapy is very safe, cost effective, close to nature, & once self experienced, has very high acceptance level.
This shall not change with time & space, as it is absolute truth of human body.


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