Can Vit D prevent & help treat Coronavirus?

With Dr Sushma Rawat, MD, Vit D Expert & Holistic Doctor

Talking about Vit D in times of CoronaVirus – does it help in preventing or treating COVID? Also dose of Vit D during lockdown and the best way to get the VIt D. Dr. Sushma Rawat is MD Paediatrics, practising for 29 years. In past 12 years, she found amazing cure for many disease using vitamin D and life style modifications, sunbath being is one of the component. Most important thing is the diseases are getting cured by eradicating the root cause and not just symptomatic relief and most important treatment does not have side effects. She has written 2 books – Freedom from Epilepsy & The Golden Rays – Sunbath – Why & How? Available on Amazon India…

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